Unconventional, cheeky, tangy – ready to turn the wine world upside down. This cuvee of Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc combines breezing indulgence and casual design. A “high spirits” wine that presents itself as slightly classy and fresh with a pleasantly fruity note and that convinces with its individual style. Konstantin Gänz’ first own white wine creation is supposed to be a must-have for all trendy people, no matter if young or older.
PS: Label your bottle with ZNAG stickers and make the ZNÄG your ZNÄG.

Casual wine enjoyment with our new winery line

Screw caps on our new winery line

We have been convinced by the high quality and the easy handling of the new screw caps and are going to equip our winery line with them in the future. You will certainly profit from easily opening and tightly capping the bottle on your way and at home – just in line with the philosophy underlying all our wines:  casual wine enjoyment for every day.