As a customer, you can expect a wide range of tastes: the focus is on fresh white wines and sparkling wines with fine minerality and fruit aromas. By the way, our sparkling wines are produced in house using traditional bottle fermentation, are allowed to rest until they reach optimal maturity and are only disgorged if necessary. Our assortment is rounded off by red wines from grape varieties that find optimal conditions on our soils.  



The Gänz family is now cultivating wine on the Nahe in the 3rd and 4th generation. Susanne, Victoria, Hubert and Konstantin "live their wine" - you can feel and taste that and it is part of their success. With all their dedication, a lot of expertise and experience is of course also part of a good wine: Konstantin, Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology, is currently completing his Master's degree in Geisenheim and Vienna, Hubert has a PhD in Oenology.



Open-mindedness towards the new and appropriate respect for the tried and tested. A fine sense of taste and craftsmanship. A sense of family and love of nature.
This is what characterizes us and our work: wines that reflect the complexity of our local region and for whose quality we burn. In addition to mild climatic conditions, we benefit from a geological diversity that produces genuine site wines with expression.